Being a Women Entrepreneur

Is It Hard Being a Women Entrepreneur:

As a woman, being an entrepreneur can be hard. In the dancewear industry, in particular, many vendors believe you are simply doing this because you need a hobby. For many of my competitors, this is true. For me, however, this is not the case. It took me a long time to battle the barriers set up by my counterparts. Earning the respect I deserve has been an uphill battle. As my competition has gone out of business, my vendors have begun to realize that I'm in this for the long haul. 

Women Can Do Anything a Man Can Do:  

One may ask why a woman is better at small business than a man. Let me give you some examples as to why my business thrives because I am a female. I'm far superior to a male at picking up social cues. That means I am better able to interact with my customers and my employees. In general, it's those maternal instincts that kick into high gear. I'm better able to treat the customers with love and respect while I take care of them. I'm able to provide compassion for the first time "dance moms" that wander in not knowing what they need to buy. I am a shoulder to lean on and I provide an ear to listen to their concerns. 


I'm far better at multitasking than a man. I'm able to hold two separate phones up to my ear and help a customer at the same time. What man can do that?


In general, men are not as thrifty as women. I am able to make sure that I purchase products at discounts that I can pass along to my customers Everyone likes to get a bargain and so do I! 


I take pride in owning businesses that are over 50 years old and a huge staple in our community. My businesses were started by women and have been run by women for their entire life. 


As a woman, I have shaped, trained and inspired countless employees. Many of my girls have gone on to exciting management careers because of my help. They come to me young and raw. They leave full of confidence and strength. 

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